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Innovative Israeli Masks and Face Shield Solutions for Coronavirus

Israel is doing it again, trying to “cover up” with the latest trend during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Israel is keeping its researchers busy working with varied technologies in order to produce, as quickly as possible, innovative washable facemasks that insert microbe-killing metallic elements into the fiber of the facemasks.

Research has proven that covering up and wearing facemasks is an important preventive measure against COVID-19. The wearing of facemasks is now being enforced on the general population in public spaces, in Israel and in many other countries. Hopefully, this will enable some people to start returning to work without compromising their health due to the dangerous and very contagious COVID-19 virus.

Sonovia’s antimicrobial facemask.

Israel’s businesses are once again a light unto the nations of the world.
The Sonovia Company in Kiryat Motzkin offered 120 unemployed factory workers jobs producing 3000 facemasks a day to be given away thanks to support from philanthropists. Healthcare facilities in Nahariya received a consignment as did Latet, a non-profit organization in Israel.  As well, Sonovia reached out overseas sending 400 masks to a teaching hospital in Germany. Sonovia well-deserves having been one of the two Israeli companies (the other one is CLEW) that was mentioned on StartUs Insights’ list of the world’s top five impacting startups during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Another Israeli company that is making headlines is Argaman which has sold Israeli-made treated fabric outside of Israel to be made into one million layered facemasks.

Argaman Bio-block mask

MedCu Technologies, based in Herzliya, is the world’s first provider of wound-dressing products with FDA and CE clearances that are impregnated with copper oxide micro-particles. Copper oxide is an essential mineral with potent broad spectrum anti-bacterial efficacy. This amazing technology is being used to manufacture copper embedded facemasks.

An additional protective agent against COVID-19 is the insertion of antiviral stickers into regular surgical masks. The 3D-printed “Maya” sticker contains nanometric fibers that are coated with antiseptics which trap viral elements and defuse them.

Development of the sticker is being carried out by Prof. Eyal Zussman of the Nano-Engineering Lab at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and Dr. Dan Greenstein’s COVID-19 National Emergency Team of the Defense Ministry’s Directorate of Defense R&D. Testing is being done in collaboration with Dr. Samer Srouji, Chief of Oral Surgery at Galilee Medical Center.

The ViriMASK Protective Oculo-Respirator straps around the head and covers the eyes with a see-through visor while protecting the nose and mouth with a filtering mechanism which blocks viruses. A factory was opened in Tirat HaCarmel by Dr. Noam Gavriely who developed ViriMASK. Thanks to a grant from the Israeli Innovative Authority, production will be expedited.  


Leading Israeli companies, Stratasys and Massivit 3D Printing Technologies of Lod have made great progress with the manufacture of 3D-printed face shields. In order to help during the COVID-19 crisis, these companies have gone so far as to make their files public. Countries worldwide are benefiting from this amazing contribution to protect healthcare workers who risk their lives every day to help the victims of COVID-19.

Stratasys 3D printed face shields.

The worldwide impact of COVID-19 is overwhelming.

It is a most challenging time for all of humanity.

However, through these dark times, there is a beacon of light.

It is the unity of the people in every country. And as always, Israel is at the forefront, within and towards others.